Athens From Space

Athens viewed from space is a sea of concrete with no or little green areas. This picture was taken in 12 June 2004 from the International Space Station (IIS). One can notice the city limits squeezed between Mount Imitos (lower half) and Mount Egaleo (upper half).

Athens from space

A 3D image of Athens from space.

Athens from space

Greece by night from space. Athens is the highly illuminated area on the left half. Thessaloniki is at the near center of the picture.

Athens from space

Greece and Southern Italy seen from Space with the International Space Station (ISS) in the foreground.

Athens from space

Picture taken by astronaut Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS.

Athens from space

Greece God's Eye View ! . @Wonderful.Greece #WonderfulGreece @Greek_Blue #GreekBlue .

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