A visit to Vouliagmeni Lake

Location: Limni Vouliagmeni
Bus Lines: #114 #115 #149 #E22

This is a small lake located in the Southern suburbs of Athens in Voulaigmeni. It is a brakish water lake with an average temperature of 24 °Celsius (75.2 °F) all over year. The water is well known by Athenians for its therapeutic virtues. Indeed, it is very rich in minerals, making it ideal to treat conditions such as arthritis and backache. The environment is very calm and appealing with a well maintained infrastructure. The coffee shop on the site has a nice view of the lake. In the evening, during the summer, after the lake is closed for swimmers, the coffee shop tables extends to the swimmers area.

 Vouliagmeni Lake

The source of water that supplies the lake come from the underground through a complex labyrinth that has never been fully explored till our days. It is also considered very dangerous among cave divers for the strong currents that reside inside. The following article [in Greek], describes the divers attempts to explore the underground caves of the lake and the location of what is believed to be the entrance of the labyrinth from the sea side.

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  1. In 1978 i lost my brother and sister in a scuba accident in vouliameni lake in greece in a cave that sucked them up and our best navy dive team could not find any trace of them in that cave. after a few weeks of looking for them our us air force said to my parents they died of drowning with to trace of them. the cave they have dissaperd in was covered up by us and greek police and said it was to dangeriss to dive in .1989 2 greek divers cut the cover and entered the cave and found the remains of 3 scuba divers . on that day 1 greek diver died and his body was retrieved but the other diver brought up a scuba tank and was told he took pictures of the remains and took them to the us embassey and told them to check it out. the us embassey said if you did not bring up any body parts we are not going to check it out.a few days later the cover on the cave was fixed and there was a sign welded to it saying not to touch or you go to jail. 29 years later after a life of not knowing what happened a son and dad dive into the cave and bring up a scuba suit with bones in side . this time our us air force has to do somthing.they do all kinds of test and tells us they are your missing kids to my mom dad died of broken heart not noing where his son and daughter are.i would like to know how it is possible our best us navy frog team could not find a trace of them in the cave where a son and father on a relaxing day dive finds all 3 missing divers 29 years later.my parents were told so many lies by the air force and our government i was a only child after that day sept 9 1978 and somone out there knows what really happened.thank you for letting me say this.i miss my bro and sis every day.

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