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Whether you are a tourist in Athens, or a resident, you will find in Athens Fever all kind of useful information on the city: Restaurants, bookstores, shops, means of transportation, museums, art and cultural events and much more. The objective is not to list everything, this is only a snapshot of of what is happening, as seen by some of the people living in Athens.

All pictures in this blog are taken by me. If you encounter any problems with the content of the Athens Fever which relate to legal or ethical issues, please notify us via athenesfever@gmail.com so that they can be addressed immediately.

The picture below which is used as a background for this site is the facade of the YPSILON publishing house in Exarxia-Athens area. It is a representation taken of Arkas comic book Sweeping Flight. It tells the story of a small sparrow with his father who lives in Athens.


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