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Tzitzikas kai Mermigas

Tzitzikas kai Mermigas
12 Mitropoleos Street, Syntagma, Athens
Phone: +30 210 324 7607
Price range: Medium
metro Transit: Syntagma

At the center of Athens near Syntagma square, "Tzitzikas kai Mermigas" restaurant offers Greek traditional dishes. It is among the first restaurants to introduce the 'New Greek Cuisine' wave. Indeed, the menu is more refined than a standard Greek 'taverna', making it a good choice for every gourmet.
Tzitzikas kai Mermigas restaurant is also found at Kifisia and Xalandri.
Altamira - Ethnic Food

Tsakalof 36, 10673 Kolonaki, Athens
phone: +30 210 36 14 695
Altamira Restaurant

Facebook page (Greek only)

Monday - Friday: 14:30 - 01:00
Saturday : 14:00 - 01:00

Price Range: Medium to High
metro Transit: Syntagma

If you want to taste something different than Greek cuisine in Athens, then Altamira is the perfect alternative. There you''ll have the choice between Mexican, Arabian, Asian and Indian specialties. The restaurant located at Tsakalof 36, Kolonaki, offers a beautiful and calm atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

Special deal: Every day, Altamira offers four menus for a special price of 19 euros. Each menu comprises an entry or salad, a main dish and a dessert. One of the four menus include only vegetarian dishes. Other option is the menu at 14,5 euros, it includes a main dish with a glass of wine or refreshment drink.


Kifisias Ave. 238, Kifisia, 14562 Greece

Price Range: Medium.
metro Transit: Kifisia

The restaurant is located in the northern suburbs of Athens on Kifisias. It offers Greek specialties like the "souvlaki", pork "gyros" and grilled versions of chicken, pork and veal.

Pork Chops House on Evripidou Street

Minotavros Restaurant Location:  Evripidou Street 86, Athens Greece

Price Range: Low.
metro Transit: Monastiraki or Thisio

These are the kind of restaurants in Athens that specializes only in one dish. The "Minotavros" & "Telis" restaurants at Evripidou Street 86, serves only grilled pork chops. Each dish contains three chops with French fries. You may order a Greek salad with Feta cheese called "Xoriatiki". With half a liter of house wine, the all cost 13 euros a person.

Evripidou Street area is not a touristic area. Although the restaurants are well known among Athenians, we usually don't hang out there late by night. The best time to go there is for launch the afternoon. The restaurants are best accessed by foot from Monastiraki station through the Psiri neighborhood [see map].


Location Sokratous 9, 10552 Athens, Greece
Price Range: Low
metro Transit: Monastiraki or Omonia.

In Greek, Diporto means two doors. Indeed, this restaurant has two entry doors, one on Theatrou Street and the other on Sokratous Street. Once there, you'll just notice the doors, there are no any signs with the name of the restaurant. You'll have to walk down the stairs to discover the restaurant space with the lined up wine barrels. The restaurant specialty are grilled sardines with chickpea soup, there are also other two or three main dishes according to the day. The restaurant is very well known and referenced in many guides, so most probably you'll find a lot of tourists there. The restaurant is open for launch and usually closes between 05:00 pm and 06:00 pm.

Taverna Psara

Location Erechtheos Street 12, Plaka Athens.
Price Range: Medium
metro Transit: Monastiraki or Akropolis.

Taverna Psara Elaia Restaurant
This Taverna has all to please a tourist. The atmosphere is relaxing and very quite. In summer time, some of the outdoor tables on the terrace offer a nice view of Athens Lykavitos Hill. The food is what you could expect from a traditional Greek Taverna, there you have the choice between sea food and other Greek specialties like grilled lamb chops, Pastissio, stuffed tomatoes and many more. The restaurant is somehow difficult to find in Plaka, so make sure you use the map in the location link.


Location: Mitropoleos 69, Athina 10552 Greece metro Transit: Monastiraki.
Price Range: Low
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Thanasis restaurant is one of these places that serves only Kebab. You can have kebab either in a dish or in a sandwich with the so called Greek pita bread. The whole can be accompanied with a Greek salad, french fries or Tzatziki. This is a flavor of Greece that you have to taste.

Thanasis Restaurant Thanasis Restaurant
Thanasis Restaurant Thanasis Restaurant


Location Persefinis 43, Athens 11854, Greece  metro Transit: Keramikos.
Price Range: Low to medium

Myplate RestaurantAt the center Gazi/Keramikos area, this contemporary design souvlaki restaurant serves all kinds of pita giro, salads snacks and sandwiches. Of course, you'll miss there the classical Greek environment of a taverna, but the quality is not bad for the price. At myplate, you'll feel you're going out for a drink but you end up eating a souvlaki.


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