USS George H.W. Bush at Piraeus

The USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) arrived at Piraeus on the 4th of March 2014 for a three days visit. This was the occasion for sailors to visit Piraeus and Athens center, and for some local journalists and politicians to be invited on board for a reception. The carrier anchored offshore at some distance from the small rocky island known as 'koumoundourou' (Κουμουνδούρου), which lies between 'Marnia Zeas' and 'Pasha limani'.

USS George H.W. Bush

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  1. The many thousands of passengers who had been on board all but freezing because the ship was meant to be a nuclear carrier, were transferred into long range buses and driven back home. The next day the ship got underway and completed four 'ramps' that allowed it to pass under a pair of ten-meter swans. The long ramps go up again, before being retracted into the hull in preparation for passage through whatever navy non-disclosure area lies on its south side.

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