Athens Maps

Are preparing to visit Athens? This is a handy page that contains links of maps that you'll need during your stay.

Athens Urban Transportation Maps

Urban Transportation

The Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA), in collaboration with Google has added to Google maps the complete routes of Athens public transport. From now on, you will be able to schedule your routes and transfers to get from one point to another of the city, using the urban transportation.

Other public transportation maps:

To be able to view the maps bellow, you might need to install Greek fonts on your PC. Refer to the following page to download the fonts package.

Real Time Maps is one of the best Greek sites to explore Athens by a map. You can easily locate a street, a museum or a gaz station. it contains also detailed information on Bus, Trolley and Tram routes and stops.

Piraeus Port Maps

Piraeus Port

Athens Weather Maps

Athens Weather

Athens Traffic Map

Athens Traffic
On even days of the month, only cars ending with an even matriculation number can enter Athens traffic ring. The same applies for odd matriculation ending numbers on odd days. As from September, 3 2012 green cars with CO2 emissions less than 140 g/km enter Athens traffic ring freely any day. Full description of the Athens ring and rules can be found at web site.

Attica Zoological Park Map


Athens WiFi Hotspots

Athens Acropolis Rally Maps

Marine Traffic in The Aegean Sea


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