Monday, April 30, 2012

A day at the Attica Zoological Park

Location:Spata, 19004, Greece [ locate on map]
Entrance tickets Fees
Opening Hours
Zoo map

Attica Zoological Park Attica Zoological Park

is the ideal destination for on a one day excursion in weekends. It is located near Spata which is about one hour drive from the center of Athens. There, you will find in a 20 hectares area a big variety of animals including birds, bears, monkeys, lions, reptiles and dolphins, making it an ideal place for children and for photography. The zoo is very well equipped and clean with a number of rest areas suitable for a small picnic. During the day, educational presentations take place. The dolphins and sea lions presentation is the number one attraction of the park. You need to pay an extra entrance ticket for the dolphin presentation, that you get at the entrance of the park.

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Attica Zoological Park Attica Zoological Park
Attica Zoological Park Attica Zoological Park

Athens Maps

Are preparing to visit Athens? This is a handy page that contains links of maps that you'll need during your stay.

Athens Urban Transportation Maps

Urban Transportation

The Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA), in collaboration with Google has added to Google maps the complete routes of Athens public transport. From now on, you will be able to schedule your routes and transfers to get from one point to another of the city, using the urban transportation.

Other public transportation maps:

To be able to view the maps bellow, you might need to install Greek fonts on your PC. Refer to the following page to download the fonts package.

Real Time Maps is one of the best Greek sites to explore Athens by a map. You can easily locate a street, a museum or a gaz station. it contains also detailed information on Bus, Trolley and Tram routes and stops.

Piraeus Port Maps

Piraeus Port

Athens Weather Maps

Athens Weather

Athens Traffic Map

Athens Traffic
On even days of the month, only cars ending with an even matriculation number can enter Athens traffic ring. The same applies for odd matriculation ending numbers on odd days. As from September, 3 2012 green cars with CO2 emissions less than 140 g/km enter Athens traffic ring freely any day. Full description of the Athens ring and rules can be found at web site.

Attica Zoological Park Map


Athens WiFi Hotspots

Athens Acropolis Rally Maps

Marine Traffic in The Aegean Sea

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Parking in Athens


Parking in the Center

Parking in the center of Athens is payable for visitors, it is free for locals with a special permit. More detailed information can be found Municipality of Athens web site.
ParkingBlue ZonePaid Parking Sign

The maximum parking time is 3 hours.

Blue line parking: Free parking for locals.

White line parking: Payable parking for visitors on weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. Pre-paid parking cards are available in kiosks "periptero" that can be found nearly everywhere around Athens.

Athens Parking Card
Parking Card - Front
Athens Parking Card
Parking Card - Back

Parking Costs:
    30 minutes 0.50€
    1 hour 1.0€
    01'30'' hours 1.50€
    2 hours 2.0€
    02'30'' hours 4.0€
    3 hours 6.0€

For a longer period of parking you might use PolisPark underground parking areas, or one of the many private parking shown in the following map.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Athens by pastries and sweet shops


Location: Kassaveti 5, Kifissia
metro Transit: Kifisia

Founded by the Varsos family in 1892, this patisserie is the oldest in Athens. It is well known for its Greek traditional products: Yogurt, Tsoureki, Rose flower marmalade, yogurt with rice and meringues. Varsos is a meeting point to the locals in Kifisia, who enjoy sitting in its calm background yard.
Varsos Varsos

Leoforos Ionias 104, Kypseli metro Transit: Agios Nikolaou
Chrysostomou Smyrnis 69, Ano Patisia metro Transit: Agios Eleftheriou
Agiou Alexandrou 102, Palaio Faliro
Chalandriou 34, Agia Paraskevi metro Transit: Agia Paraskevi

This pastry is very well known for the Greek traditional sweet called "Galaktoboureko" (Custard Pie) that you get in whole oven plate. Other sweets like "Kataifi" (see picture bellow) are also available.

Kosmikon Kosmikon

Paul Boulangerie - Patisserie
PAUL Greece on facebook

Leoforos Eleftheriou Venizelou 10, Athina 105 64, Greece metro Transit: Syntagma
Levidou 4, Kifisia 145 62, Greece metro Transit: Kifisia
Paul Boulangerie Patisserie

This is a well known bakery and pastry shop in France. Chez Paul, you'll find French baguette done in the traditional way and French pastry. Also, you'll find Sweet Pastries, Cakes and Desserts, Salads and Sandwiches. "Bon Appetit!"

Sweet Alchemy

"Sweet Alchemy" shops are relatively recent in Athens. Founded by Stelios Paliaros, a Greek pastry chef, mainly known by a popular TV show by the same name of the shop. The shop sells the main ingredients and pastry tools you need to realize yourself Paliaros recipes. There are of course some sweets to buy, I suggest you try Paliaros Lokum that is a real delight.

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Stelios Paliaros Seminars [pdf] [Greek only]
Sweet Alchemy SKAI TV Show [Greek only]
Sweet Alchemy SKAI TV website
Interior Design: Sweet Alchemy Kifisia Shop

Sweet Alchemy Sweet Alchemy


Voulis 7, Athina 10562  metro Transit: Syntagma
Argyropoulou 8, Kifissia 145 62  metro Transit: Kifisia

This is a very well known traditional Greek chocolate shop. A gift from Aristokratikon is always very much appreciated by Athenians.

Aristokratikon Aristokratikon

Le Chocolat
Le Chocolat

Servias Karagiorgi 3, Athina 10563 metro Transit: Syntagma
Voulis 14, Athina 10563 metro Transit: Syntagma
Kassaveti 6, Kifisia 14562 metro Transit: Kifisia

This chocolate shop has a wide variety of Belgian, French and Greek chocolates.

ION Chocolate

The most popular chocolate in Greece is the one produced by ION company. It is called in Greek "ION Amigdalou" (see picture below), it is a chocolate with almonds that hasn't changed cover since its introduction 4 decades ago. You can find this chocolate everywhere in Greece from supermarkets to kiosks in the street. ION has of course a wide range of chocolate and sweets products. It is in fact so well established in the market, that the name of ION in Greece is synonym of chocolate.

Max Perry
Even if the name does not sound Greek, this is a Greek company founded in 2005 with the first store opened in Piraeus. Today you can find Max Perry chocolate stores nearly everywhere in Athens.

I suggest you try the savoury versions of brioche type bread called in Greek 'Tsoureki'. Check also their new chocolate made with Stevia sugar substitude, such as the Milk Orange or the Milk Almond.

The full range of products found at Max Perry can be consulted at their web site.


100–102 Papanikoli St., Halandri, Athens
Athens International Airport (Arrival Terminal - near exit 5)
The Mall Athens

This is a well known patisseries shop in the city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. Besides their traditional sweets, their savory versions of Tsoureki is considered the best in Greece. In Athens, there are two Terkenlis shops one of which is at Athens International Airport located at the arrival terminal, near the exit number 5.


Servias Karagiorgi 3, Athina 10563 metro Transit: Syntagma

This shop near Syntagma square is a heaven for candies and sweets fans. At Matsouka, the choice is huge, so you'll need all your time to make up your mind. Besides candies, you'll find dried fruits like raisins, apricots and dates, cereals. Greek fruit preserves of grapes and cherries, Greek cookies and many more. More interesting are exotic products such as Ginger from Fitzi Islands, and dried Mangos from Thailand.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Athens Web Cams

Akropolis webcam

Ermou Street and Syntagma Square

Piraeus - Attica

Athens-Lamia National Road

Kifisias Ave.

Piraeus webcam

Piraeus webcam

Gazi webcam

Gazi webcam

Imitos webcam

Imitos webcam

Penteli Observatory webcam

Imitos webcam

Monday, April 2, 2012

Coffee House

Oraia Hellas
This coffee house is located in the center of Monastiraki on the first floor of Pandrosou 36 Street building. It has a beautiful view of the Acropolis of Athens. Beside coffee, you can try one of their Greek 'meze' dishes accompanied with the traditional ouzo.

On the same floor, there are exhibitions rooms with Greek ceramics from the Agean islands and a shop with a variety of Greek decoration objects. The second floor of the building features an exhibition of paintings with title "About the sea". These exhibitions are maintained by the Center of Hellenic Tradition, an independent cultural agency that promotes Greek folk art and traditions.

Hours: Open till 06:00 PM.
Location: Pandrosou 36 Street, Monastiraki
metro Transit: Monastiraki

Melina Cafe
This Café is named after Melina Mercouri, the famous Greek singer, actress and politician. The place is nicely decorated with pictures of Melina, reminding the visitor of her great career. Located at 7 minutes walk from the Museum of Acropolis, it is an excellent place to rest after the museum visit.
Location 22, Lysiou Street, Plaka
metro Transit: Akropolis