Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mobile Telephony

Prepaid Mobile Telephony

If you intend to use intensively your mobile device during your stay in Greece, there are a multitude of prepaid mobile packages that you might be tempted to use.

In Greece, the mobile market is shared by three companies: CosmoteVodafone and Wind. Each of these companies offer a vast number of prepaid mobile packages. Finding the right package that suites you better, might seem a quite difficult task at the first glance, due to the big number of packages. Before starting, you need to define the use you are going to make most of your mobile device: Mobile internet, local telephony or international telephony. 

By law, every user of a prepaid mobile package must register his/her personal data at one of the mobile operator shops or representatives. You need to have with you your ID card or passport and the SIM card of the package.

Below we provide links to the packages offered by each provider.


Cosmote offers two kind of prepaid packages:
  • WHAT'S UP: In this package, economical bundles for telephony and SMS messaging between WHAT'S UP subscribers are offered.
  • COSMOCARTA: Offers bundles for free talking time (100 or 200 minutes) and Internet monthly pass.
The minimum call duration in a package is 3 minutes, after which the call is charged per second.

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Prepaid packages at Vodafone are called Vodaphone CUIt offers multiple packages offers (called bundles). Some are dedicated to students only and others are dedicated to Internet use or Telephony. Also, there are special international telephony packages to Cyprus, UK and the Netherlands.

Some of the bundles, if activated online offer extra bonus.

The minimum call duration in a package is 3 minutes, after which the call is charged per second.

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Prepaid packages at Wind are called "Free to Go" or F2G. There you'll find dedicated bundles for telephony, Internet and SMS messaging. For International calls bundles F2G has special offers for the following countries:
The minimum call duration in a package is 3 minutes, after which the call is charged per second.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Monument to the Unkown Soldier

The Monument to the Unkown Soldier The Monument is guarded round the clock by two Evzone soldiers dressed in unique traditional uniforms. Every hour, the ceremony of changing the guard at the monument to the unknown soldier takes place.It is one of the 'must sees' on a trip to Athens. The "Grand Change" occurs once a week, every Sunday at 11:00 am, with the participation of a platoon of Evzones, this is a major touristic attraction that is worth attending.

The monument central sculpture represents a dying hoplite. On both sides of the sculpture the walls are inscribed with the names of battles and wars fought by the Greek army throughout the history and two quotations by Thucydides

Artist Kostantinnos Dimitiradis is the creator of the hoplite sculpture. The monument was inaugurated on 25th of March, 1932.

After visiting the monument of the unknown soldier you might continue with a visit of the National Garden or go shopping on Ermou Street and Voukourestiou Street.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located at
Syntagma Square,Athens,
at the foot of the Greek Parliament. [ locate on map ]

Thucydides Quotations

On both sides of the dying hoplite sculpture there are two inscriptions which are quotations by Thucydides, from Pericles' Funeral Oration. On the left is written: "Μία κλίνη κενή φέρεται έστρωμένη των άφανων", (... and one bed is carried empty, made for the unknown ones) and on the right "Άνδρων έπιφανων πασα γη τάφος", (For eminent men, every place is (worthy) burial ground).

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Live Web TV

Follow all events of Greece live through the internet WEB TV.

Please note, that you might not be able to access the LiveWeb TV outside Greece. Also, some shows or films might not be streamed either due to copyright reasons or overloaded servers. 



Skai news 8:00 p.m. (Athens time GMT + 3:00)


ANT1 news 9:30 p.m. (Athens time GMT + 3:00)

Alpha TV

Alpha news 7:50 p.m. (Athens time GMT + 3:00)


STAR news 7:00 p.m. (Athens time GMT + 3:00)

Mobile Apps

The Alpha TV channel mobile application on Android is the most stable and complete. Get it now from Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Windsurfing in Attica

If you crave beaches and windsurfing experiences then there are a number of perfect destination outside Athens, namely: Anavisos, Loutsa and Shinia [map].

Anavisos is a sea bay located at 50km from Athens. The conditions for windsurfing in the bay are ideal all over the year specially for southern winds. Surfers gather at the on the beach which offers facilities for windsurfers such as equipment storage, outdoor showers, a beach bar and a cafe lounge bar restaurant.

When northern winds dominate, then Loutsa and Shinia in the northern of Attica is the preferred destination. Surf clubs like and the  are ideal to practice the windsurfing sport.

WindGuru - Weather forcasts

Windsurfing at Anavisos  Windsurfing at Anavisos Windsurfing at Anavisos   Windsurfing at Anavisos Windsurfing at Anavisos  Windsurfing at Anavisos
Windsurfing at Anavisos Windsurfing at Anavisos  Windsurfing at Anavisos Windsurfing at Anavisos
  Windsurfing at Anavisos Windsurfing at Anavisos
Windsurfing at Anavisos Windsurfing at Anavisos
  Kitesurfing at Anavisos Kitesurfing at Anavisos

Windsurfing Videos

More Windsurfing Videos

More Windsurfing Videos

Monday, July 23, 2012

The National Garden

[locate on map]

National Garden Although Athens is not a city renowned for its green spaces, there is at the center of Athens a large park of 15.5 hectares known as the National Garden. Originally, the garden was part of the old palace (current Parliament building) during the rule of the monarchy. It was known then as the Royal Garden. The name of the park changed after a plebiscite to abolish the monarchy in 1974.

The park today is very well maintained with a small lake in the middle, a space for ducks and birds and a children playground. In summer, green parrots fly freely near the lake area. Their sounds combined with those of the frogs give a small sense of a tropical forest.

The National Garden is a very attractive destination for tourists and locals especially in the hot summer season. There are also a lot of joggers in the area taking advantage of the multiple tracks in the park. Within the park there is a coffee shop where you can sit in the shadow of big trees. For children, apart the playground there is a children's library.

Nearby the garden there are the following attractions:
  • The tomb of the unkown soldier which lies just in front of the Greek parliament. The change of the guard that takes place every hours is a major attraction for tourists.
  • The Panathinaiko Stadium (Panathenaic Stadium) where the first Olympic games took place.
  • The Zappion hall which is used for major political events and as an exhibition hall. Nearby Zappion there is the well known Aigli restaurant, coffee shop and lounge bar. In summer there is an open air cinema also by the name of Aigli.
  • The Megaro Maximou (the office of the Prime Minister) and the Presidential Mansion which is the official residence of the President.
The garden is open to the public daily till the sunset.

National Garden

National Garden

National Garden

National Garden

National Garden

National Garden

National Garden

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Athens From Space

Athens viewed from space is a sea of concrete with no or little green areas. This picture was taken in 12 June 2004 from the International Space Station (IIS). One can notice the city limits squeezed between Mount Imitos (lower half) and Mount Egaleo (upper half).

Athens from space

A 3D image of Athens from space.

Athens from space

Greece by night from space. Athens is the highly illuminated area on the left half. Thessaloniki is at the near center of the picture.

Athens from space

Greece and Southern Italy seen from Space with the International Space Station (ISS) in the foreground.

Athens from space

Picture taken by astronaut Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS.

Athens from space

Greece God's Eye View ! . @Wonderful.Greece #WonderfulGreece @Greek_Blue #GreekBlue .

A photo posted by Wonderful Greece (@wonderful.greece) on

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(Credit: ESA/NASA)
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Attica Satellite imageSatellite image of the Attica area, Greece.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A visit to Vouliagmeni Lake
Location: Limni Vouliagmeni
Bus Lines: #114 #115 #149 #E22

This is a small lake located in the Southern suburbs of Athens in Voulaigmeni. It is a brakish water lake with an average temperature of 24 °Celsius (75.2 °F) all over year. The water is well known by Athenians for its therapeutic virtues. Indeed, it is very rich in minerals, making it ideal to treat conditions such as arthritis and backache. The environment is very calm and appealing with a well maintained infrastructure. The coffee shop on the site has a nice view of the lake. In the evening, during the summer, after the lake is closed for swimmers, the coffee shop tables extends to the swimmers area.

 Vouliagmeni Lake

The source of water that supplies the lake come from the underground through a complex labyrinth that has never been fully explored till our days. It is also considered very dangerous among cave divers for the strong currents that reside inside. The following article [in Greek], describes the divers attempts to explore the underground caves of the lake and the location of what is believed to be the entrance of the labyrinth from the sea side.

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